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You are about to enter… the unintentional case study zone. It all started with a dog. With a big personality. Who frequently strikes dramatic poses like the one below.      View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sunny Rose Beagle (@sunnyrosebeagle) on Jan 11, 2019 at 5:24am PST Now, [...]
Mon, Apr 22, 2019
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SEMrush vs. Ahrefs vs. Moz — 2019 SEO Tool Comparison / Review (preview version) What To Expect Expect a one-of-a-kind comparison, designed to get better over time. Here is a sneak preview of one section. Expect a full version 1.0 soon. To be the first to know, sign up for [...]
Sun, Apr 21, 2019
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update: SEMrush has provided a 14 day free trial affiliate link for MT readers.It won’t be the API level plan, but you can get a feel for the available data. Do you want to be able to automatically pull all kinds of SEO and PPC data and avoid hours of data [...]
Thu, Jan 24, 2019
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Alright, time to prep for Social Media Marketing World. I’ll be sharing my planning process online as I go. Maybe someone will find it useful. Plus, being a SMMW newbie, I’ll take any pre-networking I can get! Basics Social Media Marketing World is a conference that’s being held in San [...]
Sat, Jan 12, 2019
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Last week was the preview. Now we’re gaining momentum. All three team members are getting into a groove, our Zapier plan has been upgraded to handle more activity, let’s do this! Each week, we’ll make it easier for you to scan what’s good in digital marketing. Conference News The [...]
Mon, Jan 22, 2018
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Getting ready for a slew of new posts, but first Getting Ready for Napa Summit 🍷 Also, no roundups the next few weeks while travelling and re-thinking the format. For those attending or considering Napa Summit, I published some of my notes in a post: Getting Ready for Napa Summit. It has embedded [...]
Mon, Mar 20, 2017
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When you find yourself researching something enough, it often makes sense to blog it. Such is the case with Napa Summit, an SEO/SEM conference on March 30-31 in Napa Valley, CA. After seeing the list of speakers, I started noticing them more frequently on podcasts & videos. Since they were consistently good, [...]
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
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Light roundup this week, getting ready for Napa Summit. After listing hundreds of digital marketing conferences but ignoring all of the virtual ones, I’m finally ready to explore the online-only side. Suggestions? Hit up the contact form or tweet @marketingterms. more: all conferences A mix of things I’ve watched and liked, skimmed and liked, or [...]
Mon, Mar 13, 2017
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It’s an action packed roundup this week. Updated early-bird discounts for conferences, seriously useful browser extensions, two deals I bought the moment I saw them, and unusually good podcast episodes. Enjoy! It’s the beginning of the month, so here are the upcoming early-bird discount deadlines. You can find more exclusive discounts on the conference [...]
Mon, Mar 06, 2017
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