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I was asked by a visitor how he could use PHP to redirect his users to another URL. This article answers that question. [...]
Fri, Jul 12, 2019
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This article deals with how you can insert a video to your web page using the BlueGriffon web editor. The video, in this case, is assumed to be placed on your website itself (ie, self-hosted) and not a video sharing site. [...]
Fri, Jun 28, 2019
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One of my visitors wondered what would happen if his web host went out of business. Or if they decided to shut down his website for some reason or other. This article addresses that question. [...]
Thu, Jun 13, 2019
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I was asked by a visitor how he could add tooltips to his web page. This article describes 2 ways to do this; the standard method using simple HTML, and a more customizable one with CSS. No JavaScript is needed. [...]
Thu, May 30, 2019
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This article answers a couple of questions from a visitor on how he could link to a PDF file and make it open in a PDF viewer. [...]
Thu, May 16, 2019
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In response to a user request, the Free Mobile-Friendly Layout Wizard has been updated so that it can now create 3-column designs in addition to the 2-column layouts already supported. As always, the web page generated is mobile-ready and completely customizable. There are no advertisements, and nothing you enter into the Wizard is recorded [...]
Thu, May 02, 2019
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At the request of a visitor, this article deals with how you can change the font size of a web page (or portions thereof) using JavaScript. [...]
Thu, Mar 28, 2019
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I was asked by a visitor if he could buy the uppercase version of a domain if the lowercase one was already taken. This article addresses that issue, and also gives a few more tips on choosing domains. [...]
Fri, Mar 15, 2019
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A visitor asked me if there was a quick and easy way to check for broken links on his website. This article answers that question, although not in the way you think. [...]
Thu, Mar 07, 2019
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I was asked by a visitor how she could indent alternate lines using HTML and CSS. This article discusses some ways in which this can be done. [...]
Tue, Feb 19, 2019
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