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guerrilla marketing news blog covering creative unconventional marketing strategy, viral marketing examples and amazing guerilla marketing ideas.


The OFFICIAL Guerrilla Marketing website! Jay Conrad Levinson works or has worked with companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sun Micro Systems, Procter and Gamble.

3 is a valuable marketing research tool for anyone who needs advice or instruction on marketing concepts and strategies.


Sample business plans, business plan software, marketing plans, business contracts, and agreements.


Whether you’re starting a career in marketing or just want to get better at marketing your own business, we have insights to help you succeed! Learn how to tackle your marketing challenges with proven strategies and insights from marketing professionals.


A virtual library containing information, resources, and reference for professionals, academics and students in traditional and internet marketing, and advertising.



Marketing and internet marketing terms, acronyms, course syllabi, and recommended links.


MarketingSherpa is a firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing through research that is catalogued into guides, articles, reports and training.


Marketing for

Discover the top marketing ideas and strategies that get results to market your small business like a pro and increase your sales and revenue this year.



Internet Marketing Expert Reveals Powerful Marketing Secrets. is the largest online resource where Internet marketing experts reveal

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